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  • Nalanda Public School welcomes students who can demonstrate merit or potential for merit, as well as those who will work hard, show commitment to their studies, try their best and contribute to the school through active participation in a range of activities and residential life. Students will also be welcomed if they can show a good understanding for their age of personal responsibility. When the student is admitted, his/her previous test results will also allow the teachers to make an initial assessment of general level of academic ability. The admission test will not seek primarily to examine prior knowledge of facts. The tests will cover a wide range of disciplines including English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities, but they will focus also on general reasoning and critical thinking. For further information about admissions or general information about the school please contact: 6372804800. Our Academic Session consists of April to March. Our Admission process starts from the month of December. The 11th Admission process starts from January. The admission test is generally conducted in the month of March.



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